27 May 2013

A Waste?

There was a small family gathering at Korhomme Towers recently. My sister, who lives in Australia, was visiting; we haven’t seen one another for something like twenty years. Several friends of the family drifted in and out.

My daughter was here, and invited M to join us for lunch. Now, M is one of today’s essentials for a twenty-something woman; a gay BFF— a ‘best (boy) friend forever’. He’s as good and helpful as his designation; he took other visitors to the airport, saving me the trip; he said he lived nearby. His idea of ‘nearby’ isn’t quite the same as mine. No matter.

After he’d gone, we were chatting.

“What a waste,” said my sister.

“A waste?”

“Yes, a waste. A waste to women.”

I think this was meant as a compliment. Perhaps.

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