22 November 2012

Inquiry II

It’s been a slow-motion catastrophe. An inquiry is announced, to be held in secret, with no names being named. Three participants were expected to be both witnesses and judges; they were then to be replaced.

The widower, through his solicitor said he wasn’t going to assist this inquiry; and the solicitor says that some of the medical notes appear to be missing.

The government resists calls for a thorough inquiry, a tribunal.

And then the President makes a thoughtful statement.

And now, the Irish Times reports, the Health Information and Quality Authority has been asked to initiate a statutory inquiry. The original inquiry still seems to be active.

Who would have foreseen this?

Edit 23 November: The HIQU will undertake an inquiry. But, the validity of its inquiry has been questioned, and it may not call witnesses under oath.

Meanwhile, Mr Halappanavar in considering an action at the European Court of Human Rights.

Don't hold your breath, this saga looks set to run and run.

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